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ICC Note:

Due to ISIS’s destruction in Iraq, Christians and Muslims alike have been displaced to refugee camps. Christian workers in these camps have begun Christian programs and ministries, especially for children. Many of these Muslim children have converted to Christianity and bring the Gospel story to their families. When concerned parents approach the ministry to complain, they often hear about Jesus and salvation and make the decision to convert as well.

4/12/2017 Iraq (Gospel Herald) – Muslims displaced by ISIS are embracing Christianity thanks to the witness of their children, who share with their parents the love of Christ.

A ministry director working at a refugee in northern Iraq told Christian Aid Mission that recently, 600 children attended a program put on by the ministry, where they received Bibles and heard the gospel.

After learning about Jesus, one 10-year-old boy decided to put his faith in Christ for salvation, the ministry director said.

“That night, we asked the kids to go tell their parents about what they had heard and share the story of Jesus with everyone,” the director said. “Mahmood’s father came the next day complaining to us about our influence in his kid’s decision to accept Christ.”

As a Muslim, the boy’s father was upset and fearful of community backlash after hearing his son say, “I became a follower of Christ.”

“His father had never heard a word about Jesus, so he gave us the opportunity to tell him about Christ and His salvation,” the director said. “Not long after that, he accepted Christ and took  Bibles for his wife and two daughters.”



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