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ICC Note:

Several churches have now reported the hospitalization of church members after they were beaten by Chinese authorities. Churches in Zhejiang have refused to comply with an order to install CCTV cameras inside their churches so authorities can monitor their activities. Authorities in this region have taken to forcefully installing these cameras, even sending bulldozers to demolish parts of churches that don’t comply. The province of Zhejiang is known for having many Christians and has been the victim of aggressive campaigns by the Chinese government to control and monitor Christian activity.

4/11/2017 China (China Aid) – Authorities in China’s coastal Zhejiang province carried out violent attacks against churches refusing to install surveillance cameras in late March.

Local government departments began carrying out a missive from the Zhejiang provincial government to install cameras within churches that would assist authorities in monitoring religious activities. This command triggered an outpouring of threats against individual churches, stating that if they refused to set up the surveillance system voluntarily, officials would do so forcibly. In response, several churches in Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang, have confronted government personnel, and members of Chenming Church demanded to know the legal bases for these measures. ChinaAid does not know the reasoning they were given.

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