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Christianity in Nepal continues to grow because of the religious persecution experienced by many in the South Asian nation. For years, Nepal has been home to one of the worlds fastest growing Christian populations which has in turn stoked more instances of persecution. Radical Hindu nationalists operating in Nepal have worked to stop this growth of the church, but it seems their efforts have instead backfired and brought more Nepalese to Christ. 

04/11/2017 Nepal (Ecumenical News) – Despite the country’s majority of population being Hindu, many Nepalese have converted to Christianity because of the religious persecution many experienced.

According to a report from Global Disciples, a worldwide missionary group that trains missionaries and has a ministry in Nepal, the church in the country has grown, and it continues to expand due to tyranny and injustice from the state.

“One of the things that is somewhat counterintuitively driving that is the instability from the government standpoint and, in many places, persecution,” said Global Disciples Executive Vice President of Global Development Josh Keefer.

The persecution many have received forced the church and its members to unite and since then, many continue to hear the Gospel via word-of-mouth. Keefer attributed the growth to the leaders and missionaries they have locally in the country.

The examples and perseverance shown by the missionaries serve as an example and testimony to many locals who helped pave the way for them to come to Christ.

Meanwhile, other Hindu Brahmins in the country have also found the “true God” in Catholicism.

Kathmandu’s Baniyatar parish member Sujan Poudel recalled the story of his journey to know God. “I was born into a family that was thoroughly Brahmin. Going to church and reading the Bible was a taboo. But one of my friends in college was Catholic, and so I got a Bible and started reading it at night, after my family had gone to sleep,” he said.

This led him to attend church and catechism lessons where he discovered how essential the faith is to one’s life.

“After years of efforts, I realized that the true God is what we experience in the Catholic faith,” Poudel said.

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