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An Iraqi Christian recounts what it was like to live in Mosul during the ISIS reign. Laden with manipulation, oppression, and control, Younos Amsah’s story depicts forced conversions and killings of fellow Christians only for their faith. Amsah and his family recently escaped their home and displaced to Erbil as the struggle between ISIS and Iraqi forces has left Mosul destroyed.

4/10/2017 Iraq (National Catholic Register) – “All the time, we were confronted with death,” said Younos Amsāh, 34. “If you made a little mistake, they’d come and kill you.”

Together with his mother, Myriam, 62; brother, Jibreel, 31; and sister, Hawaa, 28; Younos lived in Mosul throughout the Islamic State’s occupation of the city, which began in June 2014.

The Amsāh family, all Syriac Catholics, finally escaped the city March 12 and fled to a suburb of Erbil, where they are currently living in a camp of caravans for internally displaced people.

As they settled into their new makeshift accommodation, they recounted their experiences March 19 to the Register, sharing vivid accounts of life in Mosul over the past two and a half years. For their own protection, their identities have been changed and no photographs were taken.



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