Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

It has already been three years since Boko Haram declared a Muslim caliphate in northern part of Nigeria. The danger of Boko Haram and the Muslim Fulani herdsmen has caused an exodus of Christians in some towns and massacres of Christians in others. The Catholic Herald says that more than one and a half million were driven from their homes in just one state in Nigeria. In many cases, soldiers have completely failed to protect victims of radical violence. In some cases, soldiers reported, it was because they were not ordered to act. Christian’s lives are in danger in Nigeria and the growth of radicalism is worsening the situation. Nigeria continually pledges to protect Christian community with added security but time and again the few security personnel that are sent fail to do anything to protect Christian communities.

4/10/17 Nigeria (The Catholic Herald) – There is just too much to care about” is a response of many people in our news-saturated world. For many Christians, in their charitable giving and prayer lives, it is hard to know what should matter most.

Although it may not get the news attention it deserves, few issues in the world today remain more appallingly submerged beneath our attention than the plight of Nigeria’s Christians. In the north-east of the country Boko Haram continues to target local communities. In Africa’s most populous country, as in Iraq and Syria under ISIS, the Christians were targeted first and then any Muslims who didn’t cooperate with the group.

It is three years now since Boko Haram declared a caliphate in the areas of Nigeria it controlled. One eyewitness recently described to me how in the years before the caliphate was proclaimed several Afghans appeared in the area of Maiduguri. Over the ensuing months more and more foreigners appeared – from Somalia, Mali and also Arabs. They began to train at night and recruit young locals.

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