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ICC Note:

Jakartans are getting fed up with divisive language that is being used to affect the upcoming elections. Hardline Muslims are pushing harder than ever to have Jakarta’s Christian governor imprisoned for fear of having a Christian governor again. Jakartan’s have begun putting up signs around the city saying, “We, Jakartans, are fed up with sectarian issues.” The head of Indonesia’s People’s Consultative Assembly said, “religion is used to incite hatred and resentment.”

4/7/2017 Indonesia (Asia News) – Against a backdrop of greater social consciousness, many Jakartans reject the political manipulation of religion. A sign of this are the number of banners that have appeared in some strategic locations around the city. “We, Jakartans, are fed up with sectarian issues” read some. This comes two weeks before local elections on 19 April.

Some of the banners were raised on pedestrian bridges near Bank Indonesia and Hotel Indonesia, both in Central Jakarta, as well as Slipi Jaya, West Jakarta. However, yesterday afternoon, the city police (Satpol PP) and the General Elections Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), removed the banners because they had not been authorised.

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