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ICC Note:

The Iraqi government is reported to have begun reconstruction on war torn cities, such as Mosul, encouraging refugees and displaced families to return to the country. Regardless of the reconstruction, Christians are fearful that the violence will not end against them even if ISIS is eradicated. ISIS is said to have targeted children, creating a generation of radicals that hate Christians. Much work is needed to correct this mindset and, until that can be done, Christians are skeptical about returning home.

4/8/2017 Iraq (Christian Daily) – Christians who fled Islamic State atrocities in Mosul, Iraq are reportedly still afraid that violence will return even after their destroyed hometown is reconstructed.

ISIS previously declared a caliphate at the al-Nuri mosque in Mosul, but coalition forces have almost recaptured the site. The Iraqi government has entered the city and has tried to let in only the authorities, but most of the areas surrounding Mosul is being controlled by the Shia militia, CGTN notes.

In Qaraqosh, electricians are starting to rewire the town in what is seen as one of the first acts of reconstruction since ISIS was driven out of it in December. Unfortunately, Christians will have little use of these services because most of them have already fled to Erbil.

The situation in and around Mosul has given birth to fear among Christians that sectarian violence could erupt after ISIS is completely defeated. Should that situation play out in the future, believers would reportedly be left without allies.



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