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ICC Note:

In the midst of the horror of the chemical attacks in Syria, Christians can still have hope. Over 70 people have lost their lives to this torture; most of them children. Attacks as appalling as this show the desperate need for eternal hope to infiltrate the temporary suffering. The non-profit organization, Voice of the Martyrs, has been active in providing Bibles for those remaining in Syria in order to promote this hope.

4/6/2017 Syria (Mission Network News) – Tuesday’s deadly attack in Syria has an outraged global audience pointing fingers. The chemical bombings that struck rebel-held territory in northern Syria have a climbing death and injury toll.

As of yesterday, over 70 people have died after breathing in poisonous chemicals that caused vomiting, foaming at the mouth, writhing, and choking.

Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs USA explains, “In this case, many of the victims were children. There were attacks on the clinics where the wounded were being treated — missile attacks. So, it was really a heinous attack. And hopefully the world will pay attention, and the world will try to step in and do something to help the Syrian people.”

It’s being called one of the worst chemical attacks in the Syrian civil war.

Syrian and Russian leaders deny any involvement in the chemical bombings, but Western authorities are skeptical. Nettleton says, “Supposedly, Syria had turned over all of their chemical weapon stockpiles to international supervision so that they couldn’t be used in an attack like this.” Some countries within the United Nations are demanding action and increased sanctions against Assad, but Russia and China have vetoed similar measures in the past.



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