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Coptic Christian, Bahgat Zakhar, was one of eight Christians killed in Arish in February. His widow, Fawzia, now recounts the details of her husband’s brutal murder stating that, after he was cornered by militants, they demanded that Zakhar convert to Islam. According to reports, Zakhar simply and silently shook his head “no” and was shot on the spot. Witnesses said that the militants did not even run from the scene.

4/5/2017 Egypt (Christian Post) – A Coptic Christian father of two who was on a “kill list” and tracked for days by Islamic State militants in Sinai refused to renounce his faith in Christ when given a chance to “save” himself before being executed, his wife said.

The British news outlet The Sunday Times reports that the widow of 58-year-old Copt Bahgat Zakhar, one of eight Christians killed in the coastal town of Al Arish in just a three-week span in February, detailed the moment her husband met his fate.

Zakhar, who was a veterinary surgeon, was reportedly named on a jihadi “kill list” that was published online. As reported, jihadis have anonymously posted “kill lists” online that feature churches and prominent Christians across Egypt to target.

After days of trying to track down Zakhar, two militants with guns finally cornered him.



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