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A young Muslim woman is reported to have boldly converted to Christianity after Jesus spoke to her in a dream. This woman is said to have harbored a deep hatred of Christians before she watched a video of Pastor Matta. She stated that his words brought her hope and courage. Closely following her conversion, this woman began shamelessly sharing her newfound faith with family and friends.

3/29/2017 Turkey (Christian Today) – More and more Muslims are seeing Jesus in their dreams, with each of their testimonies revealing their amazing conversion.

One of the latest Jesus dreamers is a devout young Muslim woman who, according to Christian Aid Mission (CAM), harboured a deep hatred of Christians.

The woman, who was not named for security reasons, lived in Turkey along with her conservative Muslim family.

One Sunday, she visited the church of Pastor Matta, the leader of a local ministry, and tearfully told him that she had intended to “make fun of you when I started watching your videos in the Internet.”

But then a strange thing happened to her, prompting her to abandon her malicious plans..

“But the things I was hearing from you spoke to me of the love I was always looking for, and the words of faith and courage were doing away with my fears,” she said.



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