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In Pakistan, Christians are considered the lowest members of society. A recent government job advertisement demonstrates the blatant social discrimination experienced by religious minorities. The government is seeking applicants for street sweepers, the worst job in society and the job notice singled out religious minorities including Christians and Hindus as the only ones who can apply. Such behavior demonstrates the discrimination religious minorities face and why it is so difficult to find sustainable sources of income.

3/27/2017 Pakistan (UCA News) – A government advertisement singling out Christians, Hindus and Shia Muslims in Pakistan for sweeper jobs have drawn the ire of church and human rights activists.

The advertisement for new sweepers was placed by local government officials in Bannu district in northwestern Pakistan in a local Urdu daily on March 17. Critics said that this was another example of religious minorities being forced into degrading jobs.

The advertisement said that male and female applicants must be Hindu, Christian or Shia — the minority Muslim sect.

Although officials now claim the word “Shia” was added by mistake, they maintain that only religious minorities are preferred.

The Justice and Peace Commission of Multan Diocese has condemned “repeated discriminatory” advertisements by the government.

“Faisalabad Waste Management Company issued a similar notice earlier this year asking for healthy non-Muslims for waste workers. We sent a legal notice to the administration of the Nishtar Hospital in Multan last year for specifying the same post,” Hyacinth Peter executive secretary of the commission told

“We condemn the latest advertisement and urge the government of Bannu to republish the notice without specifying specific religious communities,” he said.



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