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Last month, Compassion International had to shut down its operations in India after the government began making funding more difficult. Compassion International removed sponsorship from over 100,000 children. Now, US lawmakers are asking India to grant, at least, a temporary reprieve for Compassion International until a more permanent solution is found. US lawmakers acknowledged that is was important for all US-based organizations to follow India’s laws, but Compassion International’s contribution in poverty reduction warrants reconsideration. Such rules by India’s lawmakers are making it more difficult for NGOs and other organizations, especially religious ones, to work in India.

3/23/2017 India (International Economic Times) – Over 100 US lawmakers have asked India to give a “temporary reprieve” to an American donor NGO until a more permanent solution can be found under the Indian laws for the Christian organisation to function.

Compassion International is said to be shutting down its India operations after it was put under ‘prior permission category’ in May last year. When a donor organisation is put under this category, it is barred from funding any Indian NGO without the government’s approval.
In December, the Home Ministry said it was unlikely to reconsider the decision, notwithstanding appeals by American authorities.

The reports of the shutdown came amid allegations that the charity was engaging in religious conversion.

Led by Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee, and its Ranking Member Eliot Engel, as many as 107 lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican parties have signed the letter written to Home Minister.


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