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ICC Note:

Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws and precedent of extrajudicial punishment frightens minorities in Pakistan. Mobs often take the law into their own hands and minorities have little recourse against such attacks. Indoctrinating education is one of the key sources of harsh punishments like mob violence. This is an unfortunate reality of Christians and other minorities in Pakistan.

3/20/2017 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – Recent years have seen an alarming surge in street violence across a country where religion and ethnic strife have plagued the lives of millions of Pakistanis. However, the societal mind-set that helps acceptance for lunch mobs and vigilante justice is not exclusive to just Muslims; as such heinous crimes occur in other parts of the world.

But one cannot escape the reality of their frequency in certain Muslim majority countries; both Pakistan and Bangladesh are notorious for mob violence and street justice incidents. Many cases have been observed in either nations where people accused of certain crimes such as homosexuality and blasphemy are routinely subjected to horrific lynching on the streets amidst spectators including local public and far more alarming silent police authorities that do not intervene.

As leading Muslim countries have turned state-sanctioned violence into a spectator sport where the public beheadings in Saudi Arabia and hangings in Iran are performed in the presence of hundreds of people setting a trend that such events are considered as mandated in Islam.


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