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ICC Note:

Pakistan is currently conducting its first census in about 20 years to allow for better representation in its National Assembly, however, Christians doubt that the census will treat minorities fairly. Dr. Bhatti, President of the Pakistan Christian Congress, noted that there are the same number of reserve seats for minorities in the National Assembly of Pakistan in 2002 as there was in 1985 while the number of seats available to Muslim women increased from 10 to 60.

3/19/2017 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) — Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC in a statement issued here today by Central Secretariat of PCC have said that Census 2017 will be not in favor of Pakistani Christians at any level because there are no indication that reserved seats for minorities will be increased proportional to population in National Assembly of Pakistan or Provincial Assemblies after competition of census process.

“There were 10 reserve seats for minorities in National Assembly of Pakistan and 10 reserved seats for Muslim women in 1985 national general elections while Muslim women seats were raised to 60 seats in national general elections of 2002 but minorities seats remained 10 which created doubts among minorities that Muslim dominated Pakistan is not for them” said Nazir Bhatti

There is no Christian representation in Sindh Assembly when in Punjab, KP and Balochistan Assemblies have been nominating minorities’ tools of Muslim political parties. In National Assembly of Pakistan the 10 reserved seats are filled by selections of Muslim political parties and same is practiced in Senate of Pakistan.

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