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As atheist activists seek to end prayer and Bible readings at New Hampshire’s Air National Guard ceremonies, a religious liberties legal group pushes back. The First Liberty Institute, a Texas-based organization, sent a letter stating that the claims made by the opposing group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, are untrue. Included in this letter was evidence of acts that not only permit but also entitle military branches to religious expression.

3/17/2017 United States (Christan News) – A Texas-based religious liberties legal group is pushing back against an atheist activist organization’s efforts to put an end to prayers and Bible readings that are presented by a chaplain during ceremonies at a Air National Guard base in New Hampshire.

The First Liberty Institute sent a letter on Tuesday to Col. James Ryan, the commanding officer at Pease Air National Guard Base, to advise that it believes the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) assertions about the prayers are fallacious.

“The FFRF’s position and legal argument are incorrect. Federal law, military regulations, and court precedents belie the FFRF’s specious claims. Uniformed chaplains are clearly permitted, indeed protected, when they offer invocations at military functions,” senior counsel Mike Berry wrote.



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