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ICC Note:
While Christianity is said to be growing in Iran, believers still need to attend underground churches in secret. After Bibles and other theological books were found in the home of mother and son Anousheh Rezabakhsh and Soheil Zargarzadeh, the pair was arrested. Like many other reported arrests and imprisonments, these Christians will likely face false accusations, torture, and, potentially, execution for their faith.
3/10/2017 Iran (Iran Focus) – Two Christians have been arrested in Iran by the repressive Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The mother and her son were arrested at the end of February in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province.
Their home was initially raided and bibles and books about theology were seized.
The mother and her son, Anousheh Rezabakhsh and Soheil Zargarzadeh, recently converted to Christianity. They are also reported to be suffering from health problems. Nothing has been heard about their fate since their arrest.
Christianity is a growing faith in Iran, but converts have to be very careful and attend underground churches.

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