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ICC Note:
A sliver of justice seems to have finally prevailed for Egypt’s Coptic Christians. While another reported targeted killing has taken place against 61-year-old Youssef Lamei, his alleged Muslim murderer Adel Abu al-Nur el-Sayed, will be to be sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. This action by the authorities is hopefully a sign that the Egyptian government will aid in the protection of Christian minorities.
3/10/2017 Egypt (eNCA) – An Egyptian court sentenced a Muslim man to death on Thursday for murdering a Christian who sold alcohol, security and judicial officials said.
The court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria issued its sentence after receiving approval from the mufti, the official interpreter of Islamic law whose role is advisory.
The verdict can be appealed.
Adel Abu al-Nur el-Sayed, 50, was accused of killing 61-year-old Youssef Lamei, a Coptic Christian, on 2 January in Alexandria.
Sayed had walked up to Lamei as he sat outside his liquor store and slit his throat, the victim’s son Tony Youssef, who witnessed the murder, told AFP.

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