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Church attendance in Europe seems to be skyrocketing with the rapid conversions of Iranian and Afghani immigrants to Christianity. Europe has a history of low church growth, but these Muslim-background believers are reported to be bringing the faith back to life.  A bishop has reported that about one in four of the conversions he assists are Muslims coming to Christ. Whether or not these new believers stay in Europe or return to their home countries, these conversions could have a lasting impact on Christian growth.
3/08/2017 Europe (Patheos) – The Muslim immigrants converting to Christianity are having a noticeable affect on church growth and church attendance in Europe.
For the last few decades, churches have been almost empty on Sunday mornings. But congregations that have evangelized Muslims are coming back to life.  For example, theTrinity Lutheran Church in Berlin, which we have blogged about, used to have 150 parishioners.  Now they have 700.
The phenomenon has spread to England.  One Anglican bishop says that one out of four of the confirmations he performs are for Muslims converting to Christianity.
Two stories from British sources after the jump.  They give some inspiring testimonies about how some of these immigrants came to Christ.  A common theme:  the realization that Christianity is “the religion of freedom.”

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