Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
A report by Freedom House says that government interference in religion is increasing in China. The report says that China has especially cracked down on Christianity and Islam. The report also states that increased surveillance, harsh prison sentences, and increased levels of violence have placed at least 100 million “at risk of ‘high’ or ‘very high’” levels of persecution.
3/5/2017 China (UCA News) – Government interference in religion is growing in China, with authorities suppressing Islam and slamming Christian teachings as a foreign import, a Freedom House report released Feb. 28 said.
Beijing is instead promoting Chinese Buddhism and Taoism as more supportive of traditional notions of loyalty to the state, Radio Free Asia reports it as saying.
Tibetan Buddhism remains suspect and under harsh controls, though, “The Battle for China’s Spirit,” report says.
State-controlled churches are meanwhile failing to meet the growing demand for religion in China, Sarah Cook, Freedom House senior researcher and author of the report, said.

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