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ICC Note:
Tens of thousands of Christian refugees in Jordan seem to be struggling to make ends meet after fleeing from Iraq with whatever they could carry. The money they possessed upon their exit is disappearing  as they are unable to legally obtain an income in a foreign country. After three years of displacement, donations have dwindled and international concern seems to have been shifted elsewhere.
3/04/2017 Jordan (NCR) – Catholic leaders have expressed concern for tens of thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees sheltering in Jordan as access to international aid tightens with crises deepening in the Middle East and elsewhere.
“The situation of Iraqi Christians refugees is critical and dangerous,” Fr. Khalil Jaar told Catholic News Service on the sidelines of a conference hosted by the Vatican Embassy in Amman and the Catholic charity, Caritas Jordan.
Meeting at Our Lady of Peace Center on the hilly, tree-lined outskirts of the Jordanian capital, the leaders sought better cooperation and were exploring income-generation projects for the refugees badly in need of funds.
“They have finished their money and they aren’t allowed to work. How can they live in human dignity?” asked Jaar, who has devoted his ministry to aiding Iraqi and Syrian refugees flooding into Jordan from neighboring conflicts for more than a decade.

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