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ICC Note:
Somalia and other members of the African Union are launching concerted attacks against al-Shabaab in an attempt to eliminate the extremist group’s reach in Somalia and Kenya. On Thursday, the AU and Somali forces reported they killed approximately 57 members of al-Shabaab in one of the largest assaults on an al-Shabaab camp in recent years. Al-Shabaab is responsible for several attacks against Christians in the Mandera area, right on the border of Kenya and Somalia.
3/03/2017 Somalia (US News) – At least 57 members of the al-Shabab extremist group were killed Thursday as African Union and Somali forces attacked one of its camps, the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia announced. It was one of the deadliest assaults on the al-Qaida-linked group by the joint forces.
The multinational force said on Twitter that vehicles and equipment were destroyed in the morning assault on the al-Shabab camp outside Afmadhow and “a large cache of weapons” was captured. The statement said helicopter gunships supported the attack.
A separate statement by Kenya’s defense ministry said an unknown number of extremists were injured. There was no immediate word of casualties among the AU or Somali forces.

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