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ICC Note:
The Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) is facing numerous attempts at a government takeover. Most recently, government officials appointed committee members to run SPEC and allowed Muslims to claim ownership of a SPEC school called the Evangelical School of Sudan. Yesterday, police arrested four Christians accusing them of destroying the sign indicating Muslim ownership of the school. While the Christians were released on bail, they are facing difficult challenges to reclaim their school and worship freely without government interference.
2/25/2017 Sudan (Morning Star News) – Police in Omdurman, Sudan arrested four Christians this week and accused them of destroying the sign board of a Muslim interest trying to take over their Christian school, sources said.
Police arrived at the Evangelical School of Sudan in Omdurman, across the Nile from Khartoum, on Monday (Feb. 20) at the behest of a Muslim businessman who recently claimed ownership of the school property at a complex of the beleaguered Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC), church members said.
The Christians, including the Rev. Sidik Abdalla Anglo, a member of the SPEC Presbytery, spent the night in jail and were released on bail of 10,980 Sudanese Pounds (US$1,682) on Tuesday (Feb. 21).
“These accusations are false and baseless,” Anglo, a teacher of Christian education, told Morning Star News after his release. “We are glad that the accusations were false. Jesus said that those who follow him would face persecution.”

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