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ICC Note: Another Coptic Egyptian man has been gunned down in Al-Arish by suspected ISIS terrorists. Kamal Youssef, a local plumber and Christian, was shot multiple times in front of his wife and children in his home. This is the sixth Copt killed in the Sinai after the Islamic State in Egypt released a video promising the annihilation of Christians in the north African country.

02/24/2017 Egypt (MEMO):A Coptic Christian was gunned down in his home today in the Sinai desert area in eastern Egypt. Egyptian security officials suspected the attack was committed by Daesh militants.

Kamel Youssef, a plumber from northern Sinai, was executed in front of his wife and children in the town of El-Arish.

Officials spoke under condition of anonymity, as officials are not permitted to talk to reporters.

The killing comes only days after groups affiliated with the Daesh affiliate organisation in the Sinai vowed to bolster attacks on the small Christian minority.

This comes as the sixth attack on Christian Egyptians this month, with another attack on Wednesday which saw a father killed and his son burned alive, with militants disposing of their bodies on the side of the road in El-Arish.

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