Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Christians face persecution in different parts of Africa and CAR is not the exception. Muslims in the country are not able to accept or co-exist with Christians, even if both groups are living in separate regions. The conflict between both religious groups seems to have no end and the country is now facing the instability.
02/22/2017,CAR (Relief Web) – We’ve prevented mass killings, got communities back around the table and restored Central African Republic’s government,” declared Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian as he announced the successful conclusion of Operation Sangaris—France’s military intervention. Yet the withdrawal of troops in October last year, also saw the waning of international interest in the country, leaving CAR once again out in the cold.
Massacres resumed in late September, placing civilians in CAR’s north-western, central, and eastern regions at the mercy of armed groups, and the fighting in recent months has taken a heavy toll. UN estimates suggest that at least 287 civilians have been killed. But the figure is likely to be much higher as armed groups try to cover up the scale of their atrocities. As sporadic violence flares up anew in the capital, Bangui, many fear a return to widespread unrest. In 2017, the country is under the control of 14 separate armed groups. Tormentors and victims live side-by-side in the occupied zones, and civilian taxes serve to perpetuate the violence against them.
In a recent report, the UN Secretary-General gave the following, unequivocal summary of the situation: “The tensions were exacerbated by the absence of tangible progress in tackling the root causes of the conflict and the posturing of armed group leaders seeking to strengthen their negotiating positions”.

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