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ICC Note: Amar Hussein is a captured Islamic State militant who was recruited as a jihadists at 14 years of age. He has claimed to have raped over 200 women and killed almost 500 people in total. He recently spoke with Reuters about the normality of mass rape among young militants. He claimed that ‘young men need this’ and that these actions were not out of the ordinary for ISIS.

02/22/2017 Iraq (Christian Post): A captured Islamic State terror group soldier, who claims to have raped over 200 women and killed as many as 500 people in total, tried to explain that the reason IS carries out mass rape of women and children is because “young men need this.”

Amar Hussein, the militant who was captured in October during an assault on the city of Kirkuk in Iraq, spoke with Reuters about his experiences, revealing that IS commanders gave soldiers permission to rape as many Yazidi women and other minorities as they wanted.

“Young men need this,” Hussein apparently said. “This is normal.”

The jihadist explained that militants were able to rape so many women because they moved from house to house in the captured cities in Iraq, taking women and children as sex slaves, while killing the men.

“We shot whoever we needed to shoot and beheaded whoever we needed to behead,” he added.

Hussein, who was first taken to be a jihadi fighter at 14 years of age, recalled that IS leaders trained soldiers to kill people, and although at first it was difficult for him to obey such orders, it got easier the more he did it.

“Seven, eight, 10 at a time, 30 or 40 people,” he described. “We would take them in the desert and kill them.”

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