Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Women and children end up being the most vulnerable victims of violence and terrorism by Boko Haram. Many of these victims end up being kidnapped to be turned into slaves, tortured or raped. Christian women and children are forced to quit their faith and turn to Islam and they are considered a double target by the jihadist because of their religion and status according to Islam. 
02/18/2017, Nigeria (Leadership Nigeria) – “I had many slaves – they did everything for me … Only when you get married to a rich man, or a man of authority, can you get that kind of power.” – wife of jihadist commander.
Changing her son’s nappy, a wry smile flickered across Aisha’s face as she recalled the power she wielded as the wife of a leading Boko Haram commander, living in the jihadists’ forest stronghold in northeast Nigeria.
“I had many slaves – they did everything for me,” the 25-year-old said, explaining how women and girls kidnapped by the Islamist militants washed, cooked and babysat for her during the three years she spent in their base in the vast Sambisa forest.
“Even the men respected me because I was Mamman Nur’s wife. They could not look me in the eye,” Aisha said in a state safe house in Maiduguri, where she has lived for almost a year since being captured by the Nigerian army in a raid in Sambisa.

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