Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Despite continued persecution, the Vietnamese church continues to grow. Encouraging stories of God’s miraculous acts have spawned growth demonstrating that persecution cannot stop God from working in His church. Continue to remember Christians around the world in prayer as they face bitter persecution, but give thanks that God continues to work.
02/13/2017 Vietnam (Christian Aid Mission) – Young parents from Vietnam’s Central Highlands were on their way to a children’s hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to see if doctors could help her 2-year-old daughter to walk. Born with bent feet, Mai could not even stand.
A year earlier, the family had traveled from Dak Lak Province to Ho Chi Minh City, but doctors had been unable to help the baby. Trying again last fall, the couple decided to stop first at the home office of an indigenous ministry in southern Vietnam’s principal city. A pastor trained by the native ministry prayed for Mai.
He then asked the senior pastor of the couple’s church, along with five other Hmong pastors who were attending his training, to pray with him, he said.
“The next day, while the husband, his wife and their daughter were at a children’s hospital waiting for their appointment, for the first time in Mai’s life she was able to walk about one meter with the help of her parents,” the pastor said. “They were so happy that God had begun to heal their daughter that they cancelled the appointment, took Mai back to the head office and asked us to continue to pray for her.”

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