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ICC Note:
Indonesia prides itself in being a secular nation despite its Muslim majority population. However, recent events like the arrest of Jakarta’s first Christian governor and the resulting Muslim protests have challenged that identity. Many are concerned that religious bigotry is being taught in schools by unqualified Muslim teachers. The Indonesian government is trying to counter such bigotry by mandating certain regulations on what teachers can and cannot say as well as educational qualifications for teachers.   
2/11/2017 Indonesia (Asian Correspondent) – STRICT guidelines on Islamic educators and preachers will soon be implemented in Indonesia in a push by government to quash bigotry and maintain religious harmony in the country.
According to Jakarta Post, the Religious Affairs Ministry has announced policies that require all Islamic education teachers in public and private schools to have a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies, as well as for preachers to follow guidelines on what they are not allowed to say in Friday sermons.
The move comes after a number of studies showed that the majority of Islamic educators were themselves intolerant.

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