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ICC Note:
Chinese authorities have accused Tu Yan of engaging in cult activities and undermining the law. She was detained three months ago but authorities want to prosecute her. Her family contends they have been members of the Three Teams of Servants Church for 20-30 years without arrest. They believe that Tu Yan’s arrest is the government’s attempt to pressure all churches to register with the Three Self Patriotic Association, the state government’s official church. This is another example of the Chinese government’s attempt to subject all beliefs, ideologies, and practices under the communist state ideology. That process is called Siniciziation.  
2/10/2017 China (Radio Free Asia)- Authorities in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan have announced they will prosecute a member of an unofficial Protestant church for organizing and taking part in the activities of an “evil cult,” amid a flurry of such charges against Christians in the province.
Tu Yan, a Protestant Christian church member from the central province of Hunan, was initially detained three months ago and denies the charges, saying she is simply a Christian believer.
“This department has found that the evidence supporting the suspicion that Tu Yan used an evil cult to undermine the law is clear, accurate and compelling,” the Dali municipal police department said in a notification to Tu’s lawyer, Ren Quanniu.

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