ICC Receives Letters from Sponsored Children in Egypt

By Debora Timmer

02/09/2017 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern)– This month, International Christian Concern (ICC) received letters from 73 children sponsored through Healing Grace, an organization that “transforms Egyptian children and their communities through Jesus, education and health.”

Through ICC’s sponsorship, these 73 Egyptian children receive discipleship, educational lessons, clothing, school supplies (such as book bags, pencils, etc.), and payments for any medical expenses.

The letters ICC received express the children’s gratitude for these gifts. “Thank you for the bag and monthly meals,” Ammon wrote. “Thank you for the lovely lessons. At first I was weak at reading and writing, but when I went to the lessons I understood everything and now I can read and write,” Daffodil said. Not only do the children benefit from the education, they enjoy it too. “I like math and am good at it!” one child exclaimed.

Furthermore, the children flourish because medical and financial worries for each family decrease. The sponsorship covers medical costs, allowing the children and their families to visit the doctor during times of sickness. Takisha confessed, “Recently, I had tonsillitis and it hurt me so much and it hurt my legs, but I had surgery and now I’m better. Thank you for sending me the money for the surgery.”

Alongside the lessons and medical care, the children learn about God through ministry retreats and conferences. In their letters, the children share their success stories through these programs. “The month of July was a very special time because I attended a ministry retreat and they were speaking about the fact that I can accept Christ and even if I make mistakes after that it doesn’t mean I am not saved. I prayed for God to be in my life all the time and to love Him always because ‘He first loved us.’”

Near the letters’ conclusions, the children requested that their ICC sponsors “write me a letter” and “come visit me!” Each child articulated their love and thankfulness. The children ended their letters the same way: a question about their sponsor. Although separated by the Atlantic Ocean, these children want to know their sponsor on a personal level, even if it is only through a simple letter. The children proudly share their successes stories and desire to know more about ICC because sponsors are a huge part of these children’s life.

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