Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
For the last several years, Myanmar has been fighting to establish a democracy after years of military rule. Unfortunately, there is still rampant persecution of religious minorities including Christians and Muslims in the Buddhist-majority state. Political developments often overwhelm the religious persecution, however, reports show that more than 60 Christian churches have been destroyed in Myanmar’s Kachin state alone since 2011.
2/07/2017 Myanmar (Catholic Culture)- Reporting on the underreported story of the persecution of Christians in Myanmar (Burma), John Allen noted recently that more than 60 churches have been destroyed in Kachin state since 2011.
“Thousands of civilians, many of them Christian, have fled into China,” Allen added, “prompting the Chinese authorities at one stage to deploy its military along the border, leaving 2,000 people trapped and 10,000 more to take refuge” in the border town of Manhai.

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