Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Despite the risk to impoverished, struggling individuals like North Korean defectors, China reportedly expelled South Korean Christians who were supposedly engaged in illegal missionary activity. The missionaries were reportedly assisting North Korean defectors who had been exploited by sex traffickers. One of the missionaries contended that the Chinese government is tracking and tracing such missionaries to see if they are helping defectors escape China.  
02/06/2017 China (CBN News)  More than 60 South Korean Christians were reportedly expelled from China after authorities accused them of engaging in “missionary” activity.
According to one press account, the Christians were working with North Korean defectors in China’s northeastern Jilin Province.
Local government authorities claim the South Koreans were ordered to leave the country “because these persons were engaged in missionary activities in violation of the law related to religion.”

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