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ICC Note:
Reports speculating the date of Asia Bibi’s final Supreme Court appeal have started to surface in Pakistan. According to Christians in Pakistan, the First Minister at the Pakistan High Commission have made assurances that Bibi’s Supreme Court appeal will be heard by the court before the end of March. Bibi, who was accused and convicted of blasphemy, has become a lighting rod in Pakistan. Supporters claim her case is representative of the abuse religious minorities face under the country’s notorious blasphemy laws. Will Pakistan actually follow through and hear Bibi’s final appeal?  
02/06/2017 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – First Minister at the Pakistan High Commission has assured that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is likely to hear the case of Asia Bibi before the end of March this year. This assurance from the Pakistani High Commission came prior to protests led by Christian charity organization British Pakistani Christian Association. The protesters urged United Kingdom to intervene for the release of desperate Pakistani Christian woman on death row.
Asia Bibi whose circumstances have been actuated by an atmosphere of hopelessness; is languishing behind the bars waiting for the apex court of Pakistan to hear her appeal case. In order to urge the government of the United Kingdom to engage the government of Pakistan in order to procure the release of Asia Bibi.
Pakistani Christians based in the United Kingdom and others participated in these protests across the UK in order to voice their support for the destitute Christian woman for whom the wheels of justice are grinding slow. In this connection the Chairman of BPCA Wilson Chowdhry stated: “I met with the First Minister at The Pakistan High Commission last Friday and he has informed me that a trial date for Asia’s appeal is sure to be fixed before the end of March.
“We organized the protests across the UK to galvanize support for Asia in the west. It’s clear by the huge numbers of protesters calling for her hanging in Pakistan, that most Pakistani’s want her dead. Moreover, the last judge retired from his position after refusing to preside over her case in a court debacle when he stated the reason for the adjournment was a conflict of interest.
“We want Asia to know the world is following her case and supports her freedom so we have collaborated with partners across the UK to make sure her plight is kept in the international spotlight. Our belief is this is the only way to save her from the fundamentalists who wish to see her dead.”

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