ICC Provides Bunk Beds to North Korean Christian Students

By Linda Jones

02/02/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – Christians in North Korea are oppressed by their totalitarian communist government since they are seen as enemies of the state. Therefore, they are forced to hide their faith not only from the authorities, but also from their close friends and even family members. Not many are able to escape the country, but when they do, they often find themselves isolated and struggle with adapting to their new environment.

Fortunately, God is always faithful to his promises and continuously provides a way for His children. An example of this is the Jangdaehyun School in South Korea, which is a Christian boarding school for North Korean defector students and South Korean students who are interested in the reunification of Korea. The school opened in March 2014 and currently serves 18 enrolled students this semester. The students recognize the school as their very first experience in a Christian community after fleeing North Korea, where they can freely share and practice their faith without being persecuted.

International Christian Concern (ICC) heard about Jangdaehyun School and how they were assisting Christian North Korean defectors. Therefore, ICC decided to find out about the needs the school had and how to serve them, so that they could continue to serve the students. When the school started in 2014, a few used bunk beds were donated by a former principal from a private school. The beds were already worn out when they arrived and the students were already experiencing difficulties sleeping on them.

In September 2016, ICC was able to purchase 12 bunk beds from a furniture company in South Korea and donate them to Jangdaehyun School. The 18 students have benefited from this donation, as they are now able to rest comfortably on their new beds.

“I feel at home inside the bunk bed,” said Orae, one of the female students.

The current school administrator, who has been there since the opening of the school is very devoted to the success of the students, and is very thankful for the assistance that ICC was able to provide. “Thank you very much for considering to help our needs. Jangdaehyun school students are growing in both mind and body and with your support they will better enjoy the school and dorm life, that is, the first Christian community they’ve had since escaping North Korea.”

Countless Christians continue to be trapped in North Korea without any hope of ever being able to escape the oppression and persecution they experience every day. Many of the students at Jangdaehyun School come from broken families, have lost family members and have faced traumatic experiences while escaping North Korea. All of these circumstances have left deep scars on these teenagers, who have also been victims of persecution at a young age. We must continue to pray for the persecuted in North Korea, and for these children that have been able to escape, so that they can continue to grow in their faith and help family members who are still trapped.

ICC is on a mission to help persecuted Christians. Will you join us?