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ICC Note:
On January 16, Ishak Ibrahim Fayez Younan’s brother found Younan lying in a pool of blood inside Younan’s own home. After Younan’s brother called the police, they determined that someone slit his throat but did not take any valuables. World Watch Monitor noted that Younan’s, a Coptic Christian, death has the same pattern as four other deaths in the last two weeks: Coptic Christians who died because their throats were cut. No valuables were taken. Coptic Christians have experienced increased waves of violence with the December explosion at St. Mark’s Coptic Christian church being the most publicized.
1/26/2017 Egypt (World Watch Monitor) – The murder of another Coptic Christian in Egypt, this time in the centre of the capital, makes this the fifth death over a 13-day period.
Ishak Ibrahim Fayez Younan, 37, was found dead by his brother on 16 January, at Ishak’s flat in the old part of Cairo. He leaves a wife and two children, 10 and 12.
His death, reported to be by his throat being cut, bears similarities with the deaths of other Coptic Christians over a two-week period. Each had their throat cut, while money and other valuables were left behind – even though police had said robbery was the motive behind at least one of the murders.
Younan was murdered in the flat he rented while he worked in a factory supplying soft drinks to supermarkets. His wife and two children were at the family home in El-Sheikh Zaied, a village in Upper Egypt.

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