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ICC Note: Another South Sudanese pastor became victim of persecution and discrimination in Sudan for evangelizing and planting three churches in the country. On November 18, 2016, the pastor was also detained for his worship and religious services, but when released, he was required to report to the authorities every three weeks. It is not the first time that Sudanese authorities persecute Christians in the country. As of last year, two other South Sudanese pastors were facing the death penalty because of their religion, but they were being charged of espionage and treason without proof. Christians face a difficult time in Sudan since they do not have freedom of religion and expression.
1/18/2016, Sudan (Christian Today) – Sudanese authorities ordered a South Sudanese pastor to leave the country last month for evangelizing and church activities, sources said.
Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on Dec. 6 ordered pastor Koat Akot of the Sudan Pentecostal Church to leave within 72 hours after an official told him he was not wanted in the country because of his evangelistic and church activities, Pastor Akot and another South Sudanese source told Morning Star News.
“You must leave the country immediately,” the NISS official told the church leader, who has helped establish three churches in the Khartoum/Omdurman area – one with 500 members, one of about 160 and another of about 60. He left the country under pressure on Dec. 9.
Upset that he was leading worship services, NISS authorities had detained Pastor Akot on Nov. 18, the pastor said. After detaining and questioning him for a day, they required that he report to their offices daily for three weeks.

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