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ICC Note: There are many unanswered, but lingering questions behind the El-Adde attack carried out by Al-Shabaab last year.  Since the attack, the Kenyan government has never revealed how many of their soldiers really died on the attack, just hoping the media would lose interest on the topic. However, regardless of how the government handled the situation, Al-Shabaab continues to be a threat to the innocent civilians in the country. On October of 2016, at least two consecutive attacks against Christians communities were carried out by Al-Shabaab with a clear target on mind. Christians continue to be the most affected group simply because of their religion, and the authorities have failed to protect or seek justice for them.
1/17/2017, Kenya (Daily Nation) – Sunday marks the first anniversary of the Battle for El-Adde, where Kenyan troops were ambushed by al-Shabaab militants, leading to one of the heaviest defeats in modern peace operations.
The Officer Commanding the Kenya Defence Forces camp — operating under the African Union Mission in Somalia — was Major Geoffrey Obwoge of the Eldoret-based 9KR Battalion.
There were at least six officers under him drawn from military intelligence, infantry battalions and other support units.
The officers were Captain JM Gichuhi, Captain Elly Amoit Etyang’, a Captain Wachira, Lieutenant Victor Owino, Lieutenant Joe Murimi Kaaria, Lieutenant Steve Orimba and Lieutenant Martin Nthiga. Only Lt Orimba made it back home. To date, KDF has not revealed the number of those who died, leaving a vacuum that has been filled by speculative figures ranging from 80 to 200.
Accounts of the attack differ but it is generally acknowledged that it started with the explosion of Vehicle Borne Improvised Devices (VBIED), which the militants had previously used against other Amisom forces with devastating results.
For several hours, Kenyan troops pinned down by heavy weaponry and artillery bombardments could not defend the camp perimeters.

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