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ICC Note:
A Christian lawyer who was released after 18 months of detention is showing signs of psychological trauma. His sister-in-law reported that he is having trouble forming sentences and told them “that he felt like insects were biting his body inside, that his heart had been eaten away by bugs bit by bit, and there wasn’t much of it left!” At one point, when his wife pulled out a phone he grabbed her by the neck and yelled “Who are you calling?! You want to harm me!” It is feared that he endured extreme violence and torture while being detained. Li defended Chinese miners and Falung Gong practitioners. He and his brother, Li Heping, were detained in a massive crackdown on human rights lawyers known as the “709 incident.”
1/16/2017 China (Asia News) – Li Chunfu, a human rights lawyer released from jail two days ago after 18 months of detention, was taken to a Beijing hospital by some lawyers friends this morning for a medical check-up.
Showing signs of deep psychological and physical scars, he told them, “I thought I’d never seen you all again”. Voicing some of his past and present fears, he asked, “Will the police show up?”
Li is a human right lawyer (pictured), well-known for representing 200 miners in Hebei in their demand for safety at work as well as members of the Falun Gong movement.

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