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ICC Note: Christians continue to experience a hostile environment in South Sudan as they face persecution and discrimination by Muslims in the area, including the government. During the Christmas Holiday several flyers and posters were placed around Churches in the country calling Muslims to boycott any Christian celebration and asking them not to congratulate them on their religious festivity. The government’s minister condemned this type of negative propaganda, but Christians still cannot enjoy the same freedoms as Muslim do in the region.
1/12/2017, South Sudan (Christian Today) – Anti-Christian propaganda posted in churches over the Christmas period has been condemned by a senior Sudanese government minister.
Several churches were plastered with the propaganda, including flyers inciting Muslims to boycott Christian celebrations and other Christian events, the Sudan Tribune reports. The Sudanese government’s minister of (religious) orientation and endowment, Dr Amar Mirghani Hussein, reported and condemned the news in a statement released on Wednesday.
Hussein said that he had received complaints from Christian leaders and ministers about the flyers during the season of Christmas celebration for the Sudanese Catholic and Coptic Churches.
The flyers allegedly included calls for Muslims to neither visit nor congratulate their Christian neighbours on the festive season.
“Islam does not forbid congratulating non-Muslims, especially Christians, on their religious occasions,” Hussein said in his statement. He highlighted Islamic teaching which promotes co-existence, pointing to “the multiple fatwas (Islamic rulings) on this respect that stress the need to communicate with all religions, sects and groups”.

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