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ICC Note: After hearing a Christian minister on TV, an ISIS leader decided to meet the man and kill him. Upon their first encounter, the Christian minister shared the gospel with the militant who had a sudden change of heart and accepted Christ. Later the man explained his original intentions with the minister and asked forgiveness. He has reportedly dreamt of God and Jesus before meeting the priest.

01/06/2016 Iraq (Christian Daily): A high-profile Islamic State leader reportedly planned to kill a Christian television ministry worker but ended up converting to Christianity after hearing the Gospel.

Muhammad (not his real name) was watching Dr. Michael Youssef’s television show “Leading the Way” when he thought of calling the number on the screen as a prank and killing the person who would answer his call. The ISIS leader spoke to ministry worker Peter (not his real name) and asked for a meet-up, the Gospel Herald details.

Peter is trained to screen callers who ask for personal meetings, but he felt that God was leading him to share the Gospel with Muhammad. When they came face to face, the ministry worker shared the message of God’s love and Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation.

Muhammad, on the other hand, was touched by the message and felt that God was speaking to his heart. He reportedly even saw God in a dream. He later renounced his sins, shaved his beard to show that he is leaving Islam, and decided to embrace Christianity.

During their second meeting, Muhammad revealed his original plan to Peter and asked forgiveness both from God and from him.

“This former ISIS leader is now your brother in Christ,” Dr. Youssef said of Muhammad. “His conversion happened just weeks ago, and by God’s mercy and grace, he has been baptized and is already serving Christ where he lives.”

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