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ICC Note:
On Thursday, three teenage girls were shot by civilian guards and military officials after they ignored a security checkpoint in Nigeria. The three girls were wearing explosives and suspected of planning a triple suicide bomb attack. Two of the girls’ explosives detonated from the bullets while soldiers were able to defuse the third vest. The girls were headed for the market in Madagali, Nigeria which has already sustained multiple attacks over the last several years. Officials assume that Boko Haram sent the girls.  
1/5/2017 Nigeria (Daily Mail) – Three teenage girls suspected of planning a triple suicide bomb attack in a town frequently targeted by Boko Haram have been shot dead, a local government official said on Thursday.
Civilian vigilantes opened fire on the trio near the town of Madagali when they refused to stop for a security check, the town council’s chairman, Yusuf Muhammad, told AFP.
“Explosives strapped to two of the girls exploded from the impact of the shooting, while those on the third girl were defused by soldiers,” he added.

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