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ISIS Sex Slaves ‘Cut Their Wrists, Tried to Die’ but Terrorists Kept Them Alive

ICC Note: Women who have spent the last years as sex slaves in ISIS occupied areas are sharing their stories in a new report by Yahoo News. Because of the conditions that Christian and Yazidi women endured during their time in captivity meant that a great number tried to commit suicide. According to a woman identified by the name Bahara, girls would try to kill themselves instead of live as slaves. They would slit their wrists and try other means but the ISIS militants would nurse them back to health just to continue the abuse.

01/05/2017 Iraq (Christian Post): A number of young women and girls who were kidnapped and tortured as ISIS sex slaves have revealed that victims tried everything to escape, including cutting their wrists and trying to kill themselves, but their captors kept them alive.

Several survivors shared their stories in a Yahoo News report published on Wednesday about the nearly 3,000 Yazidis who’ve been rescued from IS by a network of Kurdish smugglers.

IS has suffered some losses in Iraq as the U.S.-led coalition continues its battle against the terror group to retake its stronghold of Mosul, one of the most important cities still under their control.

As gains against IS are made, more and more rescued victims are revealing how the militants force captives to convert to Islam under the threat of death, while women are tortured, raped, and sold as sex slaves to IS fighters.

A woman identified as Bahara said she was kept at a slave brothel in Raqqa, Syria, along with groups of younger women who were chosen by IS fighters and raped.

Bahara described how she heard the screams of the young women as they were brought to the house where the militants chose which girls to buy as slaves.

“The girls would tell me their stories, they wanted to commit suicide, they wanted to die, but ISIS would not let them. They would try to cut their wrists,” Bahara said.

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