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ICC Note:
A Christian in Lahore, Pakistan has been arrested on charges of blasphemy despite little evidence to back up the accusation. According to reports, Pastor Babu Shehbaz is accused of desecrating a Quran and could face a lifetime in prison if convicted. A copy of a Quran was found in the streets near Pastor Shehbaz’s neighborhood with his name written on the pages. False accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan are common with individuals abusing the law to settle personal scores, eliminate business rivals, or to incite religious hatred against minority communities. Will this accusation be discovered to be another false accusation of blasphemy? 
01/04/2017 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Police arrests a Christian in alleged blasphemy case. Blasphemy law has been invoked against the Christian respondent identified as Pastor Babu Shehbaz son of Vero Masih of Kamaha Lahore. Shehbaz had been accused of allegedly desecrating holy Quran.
In this regard, an FIR no 1906/16 has been registered in Nashtar Police Station in Lahore. Media reported today, Tuesday, January 3. Following the registration of the FIR, police arrested Shehbaz and detained him. Section 295/B of Pakistan Penal Code has been invoked against him; if convicted he will no doubt face lifetime imprisonment.
In keeping with details, respondent Babu Shehbaz’s name was found written on the pages of the Holy Quran. This copy of the Holy Quran was found on the streets near a Christian neighborhood in Kamahan village. The complainant in this case Haji Nadeem reported the incident to police and got an FIR registered against Babu Shehbaz.
Nevertheless, the complainant Haji Nadeem claims that he has not seen Shehbaz desecrating the holy Quran. What is more, there is no other eye witness in this case who has seen Shehbaz committing the alleged crime. Haji Nadeem told the police that neither he nor anyone else saw Shehbaz desecrating the pages of the Holy Quran.

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