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ICC Note: Friday night, two Christians shops were attacked with gunfire leaving a confirmed three dead. The shops were presumably attacked for carrying alcohol. Police and medical sources reported three dead, which local activists said as many as nine. While Christians elsewhere in Iraq are suffering under the genocidal hand of ISIS, those in Baghdad are suffering from their neighbors.

12/28/2016 Iraq (Reuters): Christians in Baghdad celebrated Christmas on Sunday in a heightened state of fear after deadly attacks on Christian-owned shops that sell alcohol.


Two shops next door to each other were riddled with bullet holes and spattered with blood after gunmen opened fire late on Friday in Baghdad’s Ghadeer neighborhood. Police and medical sources said three people were killed and four wounded.

Local activists gave a higher death toll. Rayan al-Kildani, commander of Babiliyon Brigades, a group of Christian volunteers formed to fight Islamic State militants, said eight Christians and one member of the Yazidi sect had been killed in the attack.

What a bloody gift they gave us for Christmas,” Joseph Warda, a Christian human rights activist, told Reuters.

Maria Polos, a retired schoolteacher in the district where the attack took place, said she and other Christians were afraid to celebrate the holiday in public.

“We fear getting killed like those in the alcohol shops,” she said. “We feel we’re aliens in this country.”

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