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Jin Bianling, wife of disappeared human right activist Jiang Tianyong, says that she has proof that he has been tortured while in government detention. A Chinese media agency has run what she is calling a “smear campaign” against Jiang, calling into question if he has been tortured and accusing him of being a tool of propaganda by overseas governments. Jin is also hiring lawyers to help her file a libel lawsuit against the media agency. Jiang Tianyong is a Christian human rights lawyer who has helped legal cases for Christians and other human rights lawyers in China. On November 21st, he was disappeared into Chinese custody and has not been heard from since. Chinese authorities claim he confessed to crimes against the state, however, many believe that he has probably been coerced or tortured into confessing.

12/22/2016 China (12/22/2016) – The wife of a prominent detained human rights lawyer has said she can prove that he was tortured, after a YouTube video posted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s youth wing claimed there was no evidence for his injuries.

Jin Bianling, who is currently in the United States, told RFA that the video was “total lies,” after it accused him of connections to an “evil religious cult” and accused him of fraudulent behavior.

The video, posted by the the Communist Youth League Central Committee’s official tweeting account, said that Jiang’s claim that he sustained several broken bones in beatings while in detention was “ridiculous.”

It also accused him of becoming a propaganda tool in the hands of “overseas forces.”

Jiang was beaten at the hands of security guards in Sichuan’s Ziyang city in May 2013, fellow lawyer Tang Tianhao, who recorded audio of the incident, told RFA at the time.

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