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House church harassed, ordered to move

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In May of this year, Chinese government authorities began harassing a local house church in Guandong that had been renting a property for six years. First, the security bureau, fire department, and industrial agencies, and cultural departments claimed the church did not meet safety requirements. Then government authorities approached the leaders of the church and tried to convince them to run the state-run church. Then authorities performed background checks and looked into their funding sources. Now, the landlord is saying that he is being harassed and pressured into forcing the church to relocate from his property. Harassment and persecution are common for churches in China and are on the rise due to a crackdown on religious institutions.

12/22/2016 China (China Aid) – A church’s landlord has been recently pressuring the congregation to relocate after it faced official harassment in China’s southern Guangdong province.

On Dec. 16, a house church leader in Dongguan said he received repeated calls from the church’s landlord, who has been persecuted by the government, asking the church to relocate. The leader, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, claims local authorities ordered the move and promised to publicize the story and travel to Beijing to petition if he continues to receive calls.

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