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ICC Note: As Christmas approaches, Christians in the Middle East and marking the birth of Christ under the yoke of genocide. Executive Director of In Defense of Christians has called on the Trump administration to do more about Christians living in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

12/23/2016 Middle East (Christian Post): A watchdog group speaking out against the persecution of Christians in the Middle East has warned that followers of Christ are “defenseless” this Christmas season, and are marking the birth of Jesus Christ “under the yoke of genocide.”

Philippe Nassif, Executive Director of In Defense of Christians, said in an article posted on The Hill that Syria’s Christian population, two-million strong before the start of the civil war in 2011, has now diminished to less than half of that.

Nassif said that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will have to play an important role in helping save Christians.

“IDC calls on the incoming Trump administration to take swift action to protect the Christians of Iraq, Syria, and Egypt; to provide humanitarian aid and to urge governments to protect minorities; and to defeat ISIS – both militarily and by identifying and rooting out its ideological and financial bases of support,” Nassif wrote, referencing the “yoke of genocide” in the article’s title.

“IDC also calls for the creation of an autonomous region in the Nineveh plain for Christians and other minorities to live in Iraq, to enable them to rebuild their homes and restore their cultures without fear of death, torture or destruction.”

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