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Pastors in Sudan are caught “between a rock and a hard place” as they are forced to either stand as witnesses against their fellow pastors in priosn or become prisoners themselves.  The three Sudanese pastors and a Christian aid worker have been in jail for one year this December.  Marking their one year imprisonment this month, The American Center for Law and Justice launched a Global Petition to free the pastors. 

12/16/2016 Sudan  (World Watch Monitor) – Forty-eight-year-old father of three Rev. Yamane Abraha received an ultimatum in Khartoum following a trip to Ethiopia in the autumn of 2015.

“[Sudanese government] security threatened me, saying I would have to appear in court either as a witness, or an accused,” the Evangelical Baptist Church of Khartoum pastor told World Watch Monitor. “But my father was sick, so unlike others I couldn’t escape.”

Abraha was one of several Sudanese Christians gathered abroad to pray for their nation. Among them were Rev. Hassan Taour and Rev. Kuwa Shamal, Sudan Church of Christ pastors from the Nuba Mountains region.

Also attending was Czech Christian aid worker Petr Jašek. According to Christian advocacy group Middle East Concern, these three had helped facilitate financial assistance to pay for the medical treatment of a Darfurian university student who had suffered burn wounds when government security officials attacked a campus demonstration in Omdurman, north of the capital, Khartoum.

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