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The wife of an imprisoned Lutheran Pastor says that his health is deteriorating while he is in prison. Pastor Nguyen Cong Ching suffers from high blood pressure and sinusitis. He is kept in isolation, is denied the medicine his wife sends him, and has been fed with contaminated food. The pastor, who fought for the religious freedom of minority groups in the highlands of Vietnam, is serving an 11 year sentence in the Communist country.

12/16/2016 Vietnam (UCA News) – A Lutheran pastor imprisoned in Vietnam has been transferred to another camp and kept in solitary confinement because he stood up for the rights of other prisoners, says his wife.

Tran Thi Hong went to visit her husband Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh who was being held in Phuoc Prison in Binh Duong on Dec. 12 only to be told, after waiting for three hours in the rain, that he had been transferred to Xuan Loc Prison in Dong Nai province.

“I arrived at Xuan Loc Prison the following day, and prison officials told me ‘Chinh was not allowed to call his family or inform them that he had been relocated because he refused to accept his crimes,'” she told

“I told them that my husband did not do anything wrong and that they treated him in an inhumane way,” Hong said.

Chinh, 50, fought for religious freedom of Christians from ethnic minority groups in the central highlands. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2011 for undermining national solidarity under Article 87 of the Vietnam penal code.

Since then he has been moved to three camps and has not been not allowed to call his family, even when his mother died.

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