Atheists now demand that churches start paying taxes

ICC Note: 

Atheists possibly persecuting churches in Kenya where the majority of people identify themselves as Christians is  cause for worry. Not only churches in the West but countries in Africa are also now getting pressure from Atheists. Christians are now minorities in Europe. It is  difficult  for any Christian thought views to be conveyed  in public in many parts of Europe.   Kenyan government should make sure Christians are allowed to keep their non for profit status and continue to serve their communities. 

12/15/2016 Kenya  (Daily Nation) –  Atheists are demanding that churches begin paying taxes and their status as non-profit bodies be reviewed.   The body of nonbelievers Tuesday wrote to the commissioner general of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Mr. John Njiraini, demanding that churches should not be exempted from taxation.

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) leader Harrison Mumia argues in the letter sent to newsrooms that churches have been unfairly favored by being exempted from taxation yet they receive large sums of money in donations and offering.

“Where does the money from donations to churches go? Kenyan taxpayers are constantly complaining about the high rate of taxation. We see no valid reason why churches should be tax exempt,” read the statement

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